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The Official ATJ FAQ

Originally published: Monday, January 05 2004

Updated: Wednesday, September 29 2004

Authors: ÑðS--MÐ (w/a few tidbits by Mel)

**What is ATJ?**

~ A highly warped discussion group littered with jokes in very poor taste, often recycled countless endless times. Do not expect yourself or your ideas to be treated with respect. Do not whine or complain when you are insulted. The nature of humor in this group is dark, black humor in the worst possible taste - nothing is held sacred or respected. For example, on 9.11 jokes about that event were already being posted the same day. If you don't approve of this, rather stay away. We don't care about your personal sensibilities, your religion, your nationality, your political affiliation, which terrorist organization has your support or your personal tragedies. We won't go easy on you for any reason whatsoever.

**When was ATJ started?**

On October 5, 1992.. an Alaskan, Eric J. Olson put up the very first post - a crosspost that carried on a discussion from alt.config.

The next post was a flame, thus setting the true nature of this forum.

**What may be posted here?**

~ Replies to discussion threads, flames, and jokes of the tasteless variety. In short, anything you like!
However, please note that your ISP may choose to enforce certain posting rules, such rejecting posts which contain binary attachments. They may also place other restrictions on you, such as not allowing copyrighted material to be infringed by publicly posting it without credit. ISPs and news server service providers all have their own ideas of what you should or should not be allowed to post. Most will adopt a helpful attitude towards you if you respond politely to their warnings. Some will not. If you do have problems with one lot, realize that their are plenty of other providers out there who will be happy to take your money. If anybody does complain to your ISP about your posts, you may wish to slit your throat.

**When was the first tasteless joke posted in ATJ?**

On October 7, 1992, Alex Howerton, interrupting a flame-war, whined about where all of the jokes were, posted a recycled joke, laughed at it himself, then pleaded for more lame, worn-out jokes to be posted, and was flamed in the next post.

**Who are the current regular posters?**

ÑðS--MÐ - the master (aka - Max)

wEb GoDdEsS - Max's bitch

Keith E. - one of the veteran 'ATJers', Keith is a gentle soul, quick witted, and can flame with the best of them when provoked. Generally, he'll find the benign way to put things in a style that's hard to match. Keith will only leave ATJ in a box. Donations welcome.

Vanilla Gorilla - another veteran, VG swings through when he likes and consistently amuses, while crapping on the redundant. Will "smoke yer joint" for bananas. Easy to please and very meek in nature. VG is the webmaster of - but will you get the joke?

Ærchie - Australian

Douglas D. Anderson - ATJ's 'unabridged encyclopedia of world knowledge' will explain in excruciating detail any concept your mind can imagine and point out precisely every area in which you are wrong.

Mos - College student of unknown racial origin. Clown of ATJ. 17yo. (Joined our ranks - Jan 08 2004)

Mel - your humble web servant and Queen of ATJ.

Ur_droll - a kiwi

PollyWolly - Indian kiwi

**Who are the regular cross-posters?**

Elisabeth Müller - (rec.humor reg), her subtlety, dry humor, and playful disposition are well respected by both groups. Has ongoing threads with Keith E. from time immemorial.

Larry Krzewinski - (rec.humor reg), and one of the most consistently funny posters in both forums.

Greg Evans - (rec.humor reg), see "Larry Krzewinski", but will flame if he's having a bad day..

**Who are some of the of the ex-regular posters?**

Kashia - Kashia is the B&D goddess of our known universe. If ya can't handle 12,000 volts through yer nipples while suspended from the ceiling by yer nutz then don't flirt with her.

Jule§ - see 'Terminator 3'.

CheechWizard - ATJ's travel agent.. if you wanna know the _truth_ about any country in the world, Cheech will gladly supply it if you show him how to convert .bmp to .txt.

The Yeti - one of the first regs of the ex-crop, the Yeti is Canada's entire military.

Spitfire - a realist and relentless poster, Spitfire would disassemble your 'life', dissect it, then toss it in the dumpster when he's wasn't fighting for truth, feigned justice, and the Democratic way. His last post in ATJ was June 5, 2003. He re-emerged in alt.impeach.bush in October of 2003, having abandoned ATJ completely.

ink - a Swiss battering ram, ink occasionally pops in to liven things up.

Lik Mai Sak - half lizard/half shark, 'Anil Vayper' randomly mutilates his unsuspecting targets and then disappears into the murky depths.

lab~rat - extinguishing racism across the globe.

vampeleon - driving a stake through his heart merely annoys him.

Cowboy Blob - briefly popping in and out with some amusing quips, CB is the U.S. strategist for the upcoming nuclear strike on North Korea.

Mi MM ke - extinguishing 'gay rights' across the globe

Troppigal - will carve out yer heart and place lovingly in a jar.

Chairman - eager to help with tech/software questions.

Jen - from 1999 to 2000. A quote: "What exactly would you do without us to model the blow up dolls after".

bd -
'99-'00 w/the sig "Send lawyers, guns, and money, the shit has hit the fan". A convincing argument that Bill Gates is the Antichrist

RamSyS - '00-'02

Knopgat - '99-'02

Omar - '00-'02

Loz - '98-'02

Keith Martin 1998 "Due to the controversy stirred up by Clinton's alliances, some protestant churches have added an Eleventh Commandment: Thou shalt not bury thy rod in thy staff." KM

Wiccan Warrior 1998 "Will you all pipe down already? I'm trying to jack off to Ken Starr's report here...."

**Who are the morons?**

Eric C Stender - Moron Extraordinaire

Mr FBI, Cerberus, - the shitpacking limey responsible for most of the recycled 'jokes'

GP of ATJ - a dedicated Mel basher, GP is the placenta of a SARS infested mad cow that regurgitates 'faggot' into redundancy

Leigh - half whale/half planet, this krill eating behemoth is largely responsible for the shift in Earth's weather patterns and is considered by scientists to be the largest organic mass in existence.

**Who are some of the 'newbies'?**

~ Newbies don't rate a mention. Stick around for a month or more and maybe we will take notice of you.

**Anything else?**

~ Good luck..


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